When You’re Planning a Traditional Pakistani Wedding


Your big day is approaching! You must be experiencing a nervous breakdown with so little time left for your wedding. To add more to your stress, there must be a list of tasks waiting for you to accomplish before the reception. Well, fretting over will not help. Take a deep breath and scroll through the list of things to do to stay organized and ready for your big fat Pakistani wedding.

Write down your plans

When there’s too much on your plate, one or two important things may slip from your mind. It’s important to put down all of your plans and ideas in one place so that you won’t forget them later. Once you have created a list, half of your worries will fade away. Because you know you aren’t missing out anything.

Get done with date, menu, decorations, and other bookings

Gather your and your partner’s family and start planning everything. First, you have to start with the date and check it with the decided venue. Then comes the booking of a wedding planner and a caterer, followed by deciding the wedding theme and food menu.

Don’t forget the photographers

You can’t skip that one. Don’t you want your special day to be framed and cherished for the rest of your life? Make sure to book an appointment with your photographer and discuss how you want your wedding to be photographed.

Be ready to spend lavishly

From an elegant wedding dress to matching footwear to glimmering jewelry, your wedding shopping is going to be the toughest job. Make a list of all the things that you need including cosmetics, makeups, jhoomar, Panjangla, and hand clutch before heading for your shopping.

Have a blast with friends before the wedding

This is important! The pressure of accomplishing so many things must be making you feel like a roller coaster ride. You need to take your mind off from the hustle and give yourself time to prepare for the biggest life change.

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  • Nabil Hashmi