A Bride’s Guide to Accessorizing Right for the Wedding Day


After finalizing your wedding day dress, your focus shifts on perfecting the finishing touches and you must know the importance of the right kind of accessory in achieving that. There is no denying the fact that the first thing guests notice when the bride walks in is her dress but again we also should not ignore the role played by accessories in elevating the overall look and adding a personal touch! From jewelry, and shoes to veils and clutches, there is a lot to decide. Even a simple thing like purchasing evening clutch bags for weddings becomes daunting when you have hundreds of things to take care of.

We have come up with awesome suggestions to help you accessorize your wedding day dress right! Here we go:

  1. Different metals are best paired with certain colors. So, while silver, platinum and pearl detailing work best with a white gown, ivory looks beautiful with gold as it does a great job at highlighting the creamy tint of the fabric. If your dress has bead embellishments, match your accessories with the color of the beads.
  2. While there is nothing wrong with going all out, sometimes a minimalistic look works wonders! Putting on too many accessorizes actually messes up with your wedding day look. You do not need anything! Choosing wisely is the key. Go with a drop earring pair if you have a dress with an ornate neckline. If you chose a simple gown, pair it up with a bold necklace. Studs suit best if you leave your hair down while an up do calls for something fancier.
  3. The veil has always been an iconic accessory for the bride. They come in different varieties as well. So, you may pick one which gives a regal cathedral look or go with a flirty birdcage. Avoid color blocking and ensure that your veil is the exact shade as your dress! Stick to a simple veil if you chose a fancy gown. Sheer veils are perfect for gowns that have beading or elaborate embroidery.
  4. Customize your wedding dress while accentuating your curves with a sash or belt! It saves you from spending on expensive alterations! You may choose a metallic leather belt or go with a classic satin sash. If you have a petite frame, go with a V-shape appliqué and those who have an apple shape, try a beaded or embellished belt to flatter your midsection.
  5. Although it is your special day, don’t go overboard ladies. Just be the most beautiful version of your normal self. Straying away from your regular style may make you uncomfortable! So, if you rarely put on any jewelry, refrain from drowning yourself in gold or diamonds on your big day.

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